Category: Experimental
Applies to: All
Max issuance: 35
Burnt upon use: No
Effect of transferring cards: None
Limit: -
Community Trait proposed by: @scorpiomoon

Is gravity the universal glue? Einstein thought everything is relative. In E=mc², is gravity the equalizer, multiplier, square – or the result of all operations together in unison?

Maybe gravity begins as a flutter of excitement. One card recognizes and attracts another from a distance (d=rt). A seemingly weak and insignificant force of nature. As the relationship forges, more cards, items, abilities are attracted. Over time, as the card attracts more relationships, the force strengthens. Gravity is no longer a single card, but a cluster of cards like a solar system. The cosmic forge continues to construct galaxies of systems and so on and so forth. Perhaps there are triggering events like Event Horizons. The culmination of the phenomenon may become so heavy that the gravity collapses upon itself and in doing so gives birth to an entirely new creation.

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