Category: Reforge
Applies to: All
Max issuance: 2500
Burnt upon use: Yes
Effect of transferring cards: None
Limit: -

Deep in the dark bowels of Mount Ether Cards, there lies a room that rings with the clash of metal and rock. Billowing heat from its heart like a living dragon, the Forge can be a unforgiving place – unless you have this Trait to serve as your shield.

The Forge is one of Ether Cards’ utility developments for NFTs. It enables Cards as well as traits to be combined and reconfigured. Here, the Forge is used for recombining layer art. Usually, in order to use the Forge, you would need to burn one of your cards – but this trait gives you the ability to re-randomize any or all of the layers your card’s accidental artworks without sacrificing a card to the Forge.

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